Dry Rides at Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

The dry rides at Wonderla comprise state-of-the-art land rides. Packed with fun and adventure, these rides are full of surprises - from an amazing virtual reality to India's biggest musical fountain and laser show. There is something for everyone here!
Dry Rides - XD Max at  wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Adventures of Chikku

Experience the Adventures of Chikku, a state-of-the-art ride that combines a 3D film with physical and environmental effects, in an air-conditioned theatre.

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Dry Rides - Cine Magic 3D at  wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Cinemagic 3D

Cinemagic 3D is an absolute family thriller that brings you the essence virtual reality cinema.Experience HD-3D video, multi-channel surround sound, high power blowers and hydraulics-assisted seats that move in perfect synchronization with the visual content.

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Dry Rides - Musical Fountain at  wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Musical Fountain and Laser Show

Wonderla boasts of India's only indoor musical fountain. Watch a colourful display as water takes centre stage and dances gracefully to the beat of music and brilliantly choreographed lighting - Followed by a spectacular Laser Show.

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Dry Rides - Hang Glider at  wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Hang Glider

Hang Glider is an adventurous ride that takes the riders on an air trip at a dizzying height.

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Dry Rides - Pirate Ship at  wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Pirate Ship

The Pirate ship is not for the weak hearted. This swing, in a shape of a wooden craft, swings to an arc of 180 degrees - giving you a sudden rush of adrenaline through its acceleration.

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Dry Rides - Net Walk at  wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Net Walk

The Net Walk is a new and totally safe ride for small boys and girls where they have to walk along with a slightly elevated walkway made of netting on three sides. The essence of the ride is to maintain balance while moving forward.

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Dry Rides - Wonder Splash at  wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Wonder Splash

Sit in a bogie that resembles a raft made of logs. The bogie is hauled up a hill using a conveyor and then hurled down a steep incline at a dizzying speed and splashes into a shallow pool.

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Dry Rides - Techno Jump at  wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Techno Jump

The Techno Jump has 14 spokes arranged around a hub. At the outer end of each spoke is a capsule that can seat three. The spokes are raised and lowered hydraulically, while the whole contraption spins like a carousal.

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Dry Rides - Giant Wheel at  wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Sky Wheel

Firmly straddling a 13-storey-high tower, the giant wheel with a diameter of 30 meters, gives riders a bird's eye view of the park and its surroundings.

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Dry Rides - Toon Tango wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Toon Tango

The Toon Tango is a ride for all the age groups where twosomes (or threesomes if you can squeeze yourselves in) are seated in one of the four capsules that emanate from a central pivot and are gently spun around as if in a waltz.

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Dry Rides - Gigantic Termite wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Termite Coaster and Train

Inside a termite coaster mound are two popular rides - the Termite Train and the Termite Coaster. The Train winds along a crazy track with sharp curves, steep climbs and dizzying drops. The Coaster will take you screaming, up and down hair-raising loops.

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Dry Rides - Dungeon Ride nderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Dungeon Ride

The Dungeon Ride is an intense and exciting ride though a dungeon haunted by its notorious jail warden's ghost.

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Dry Rides - Crazy Car at  Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Crazy Cars I & II

Fasten your seat belts and go Crazy Car driving. This family fun ride will have you going to be a bumpy ride, jostling for space with the other drivers.

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Dry Rides - Lazy Wagon at  Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Crazy Wagon

Crazy Wagon is a massive family ride themed like a horse-wagon that oscillates insanely while it swings in every possible direction.

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