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Kids Ride at Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad

Let your kids have tons of fun with our Kids Rides while you enjoy those High Thrill Rides. With bright colours and attractive characters, these rides will leave your kids enchanted. 

Mini Pirate Ship is the miniature version of the Pirate Ship that will give your toddlers the feel of sailing through a sea.

Take your kids on the miniature version of the giant wheel that will give them all the fun and no scare!

Carousel is an evergreen favourite ride with the children. It is a merry-go-round with colourful horses that takes children galloping around in circles. 

This wavy merry-go-around will give the kids a fun experience where they will be seated like mahouts on flying elephants moving vertically up and down.

This ride for the tiny tots consists of a convoy of mini trucks rollicking over a hilly terrain.

This is wavy slide where little children can slither down. The sides of the slide are padded making it safe even for toddlers.

This kids ride will give your kids a joyous experience while they are horizontally seated on an axially rotating platform. 

This is a tiny, colourful ride for little kids that takes them frolicking round the circuit in an absolute merriment.

Your kids are bound to love this ride as it takes them spinning like a top continuously changing the angle of its pivot. With twists and turns like that, your kid is bound to shout out for more fun.