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Exclusive discount for College Students through out the Year

Wonderla Amusement Parks & Resort  Wonderla Amusement Park Hall Ticket Offer
Wonderla Parks in Kochi, Bangalore and Hyderabad offer exciting discounts on park admission to college students. Students below the age of 22 years can avail a discount of up to 20% by displaying their original College photo ID at the ticket counters of our parks. The respective discount percentages on entry tickets in each parks are below:

Kochi Park- 17%
Bangalore Park- 17%
Hyderabad Park- 20%

Ticket Prices

Kochi Park

Normal Season (Weekdays): Rs.640/- + 18% GST
Normal Season (Weekends/Holidays): Rs.820/- + 18% GST
Peak Season (Weekdays): Rs.720/- + 18% GST
Peak Season (Weekends): Rs.905/- + 18% GST
Bangalore Park

Normal Season (Weekdays): Rs.740/- + 18% GST
Normal Season (Weekends/Holidays): Rs.930/- + 18% GST
Peak Season (Weekdays): Rs.840/- + 18% GST
Peak Season (Weekends): Rs.985/- + 18% GST
Hyderabad Park

Normal Season (Weekdays): Rs.655/- + 18% GST
Normal Season (Weekends/Holidays): Rs.815/- + 18% GST
Peak Season (Weekdays): Rs.750/- + 18% GST
Peak Season (Weekends): Rs.850/- + 18% GST
Normal Season (Weekends/Holidays) Evening Entry: Rs.580/- + 18% GST
Peak Season (Weekdays) Evening Entry: Rs.530/- + 18% GST
Peak Season (Weekends) Evening Entry: Rs.605/- + 18% GST

14th April to 31st May 2018 would be Peak Season Pricing in all our parks.
To find out our peak season & normal season dates, please check our Kochi Calendar, Bangalore Calendar and Hyderabad Calendar
. It'll also help you plan your visit better. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer only valid on regular adult tickets.
  2. Offer is not valid on fastrack tickets and online bookings.
  3. Please show your original college ID at the ticket counter to avail the discount.
  4. A valid age proof is mandatory to avail the offer. In case the College ID doesn’t contain the age proof or date of birth, the patron should also carry a Govt ID proof with the date of birth or age.
  5. After Hours Entry for College ID is applicable only in Hyderabad on peak days from 4:00 PM till 7:00 PM.
  6. Ticket price after tax would be rounded off to the nearest 5 Rs.