4 Ways to Make this Christmas the Season of Giving

The Christmas season is finally upon us! Tis a time when you decorate the house with bright lights, tinsel and a colourful Christmas tree, exchange gifts, sing carols, and most importantly, celebrate with your loved ones. As we look forward to a time of joy, laughter, family reunions and more, let’s take a look at how you can make someone else’s Christmas just as memorable.

Blood Donor

1. Register as a blood donor: Become a blood donor and help save lives this Christmas. Donations tend to decline during the holidays and so the need is more critical at this time of year. By donating your blood, you can help save the lives of at least three people. So, sign up with a blood donation organization to make a difference.


Old age home

2. Spend a day with an nursing home resident: Contact a local retirement home and see if any residents will be alone on Christmas. Then, visit them on Christmas day with your family and take them on a day out. You could take them to a movie, mall, or a nice restaurant. If they're young at heart, take them to Wonderla for a day of thrills, rides and smiles.


3. Donate toys to underprivileged children:If you still have your trove of childhood toys at home, donate them to charities for children. All it takes is an old teddy bear or action figure to put an extra wide smile on a child's face on Christmas morning.


4. Sing Christmas carols: This Christmas, join a group of carolers and spread joy through song! Whether you're singing in a mall, orphanage or even go door-to-door, you'll lift spirits of friends and strangers wherever you go - or something like that.

So, what are you waiting for? Spread the message and embrace the spirit of giving happy memories, this Holly Jolly season at Wonderla with dazzling lights, grand procession, fun games, groove with Santa and much more.