There’s nothing better than spending a wonderful day with your family and friends. And in amusement parks such as Wonderla, you can experience exactly this. Additionally, thanks to rides, slides, food courts, games and more, you’re sure to spend the day laughing, smiling, racing each other down water slides and so much more - each an unforgettable memory that you’ll treasure forever.
So what great memories can you expect from your visit to Wonderla? Read below to find out.

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Bonding with your best bud in a ride: If your daily hectic schedule has made it difficult to spend time with your best friend, a weekend trip to Wonderla is the perfect answer for some BFF bonding. At the end of the day, you’ll always cherish the memory of the two of you screaming in excitement on the Equinox.

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Challenge your buddies to go on the Recoil: This is a classic memory to take home from this amusement park for sure. You might have heard your relative or close ones claiming that they are daredevils. Why not challenge them to go on a ride in the Recoil with you and find out if that claim is actually true? If they’re not as brave as they claim, it’s one funny incident you can remind them about again and again.

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Seeing the fun side of your grandparents: You’re probably used to seeing your grandparents in their house, cooking, reading the paper or taking an evening walk. In Wonderla, you’ll get to see them being kids at heart! Watch as they laugh on rides, take selfies and cherish the memory of their smiles.

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Celebrating the end of college exams with friends: Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the end of exams at an amusement park, right? Wonderla’s vibrant environment is the perfect place to let your hair down! Don’t forget to take a ton of selfies that you can share even 10 years later at a class reunion.

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Having fun with your super busy parents: Parents are busy 24x7, either at work or home and often you wish that you could get them to relax a little. At Wonderla, you can get them to let go and have fun! You can take as many pictures as you can with them on the Fun Racer ride so that later you can relive the great times you've had together.

Aside from these, there are plenty of memories waiting to be made in Wonderla. So what are you waiting for? Plan an unforgettable day here with your dear ones now.