Caribbean Whirl - Water Ride

Caribbean Whirl is a large water ride at Wonderla Resort Bengaluru. It is themed after the Caribbean islands, with palm trees, waterfalls, and a tropical atmosphere. The ride features three slides, tilting buckets, water guns, small slides, stairs, and sprinkling water. It is suitable for people of all ages.


The ride starts with a climb up a spiral staircase to the top of the slides. Once you reach the top, you can choose from three different slides:

  • Open slide is the longest slide, and it takes you on a twisting and turning journey through the water.
  • Closed slide is a shorter slide, but it is just as much fun.
  • Kids slide is a short, gentle water slide designed for children to cool off and have fun.
  • The Bucket is the most exciting spot, and it features a tilting bucket that dumps a large amount of water on you as you go down.
No matter which slide you choose, you are sure to have a wet and wild time on Caribbean Whirl. The ride is also a great way to cool off on a hot day.


Caribbean Whirl is available for guests from 4 PM to 8 PM.


Caribbean Whirl is a safe ride for people of all ages. However, there are a few safety rules that guests must follow:

Guests must be at least 85 cm tall to ride.
Guests must wear appropriate swimwear.
Guests must not bring any loose objects on the ride.

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