EQUINOX at Bengaluru Park


Very High

Minimum Height
140 cm

Ride Not For
Pregnant Women, heart patients, persons with high blood pressure and those prone to epilepsy are advised to avoid fast/adventurous rides.

Equinox is one of the high-thrill rides at Wonderla Bhubaneswar. This exhilarating ride combines both swinging and rotational motions to deliver an unforgettable experience. The Equinox operates with advanced electromechanical drives, along with pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Pneumatic systems ensure secure safety lock operations, while hydraulic systems manage the ascent and descent of the ramp.

The ride features two types of motions: the main pendulum oscillates up to 120 degrees, and the gondola rotates simultaneously. To ensure maximum safety, riders are secured with a shoulder bar and a safety belt.

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