Mrs. Anjali Nair

Independent Director

Anjali Nair fajey7

Mrs. Anjali Nair is one of the Independent Directors of Wonderla Amusement Parks & Resort. She is an Engineering Graduate with a specialization in Electricals and Electronics. She has over two decades of executive experience in the development and commercialization of hi-tech products that are software-driven, incorporating Design Thinking, Data Sciences, advanced algorithms and applied artificial intelligence in the B2B space, globally. She has unique expertise in scaling technology, harnessing complex architectures and creating commercial models for the launch and roll-out of products for Global 1000 clients. She has demonstrated experience in spotting and hiring top talent to build teams to serve Global Clientele.

Mrs. Anjali has recently started a series of initiatives to fundamentally disrupt healthcare in Kerala, in the belief that no one should struggle to get access to care when in need. Anjali has now dedicated her career to the well-being of the elderly, having already figured out how to manage 1,500 lives. She and her team are now on the path to creating the infrastructure and ecosystem to support 10,000 lives in the next 3 to 5 years. She brings in a unique combination of technology, strategy, operational excellence and adaptability. Sensing the shortage of capital as a major reason for the state of Kerala not being in the mainstream despite being blessed with superior talent, she works with global funds to unlock this potential.

Mrs. Anjali is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the SP Life Group of Companies and Director on the boards of Healing Lives Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Altaire Insights, Season Two Management Services Pvt. Ltd. And Reflections Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.

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