Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will you allow into the Park?
The health and safety of our guests and staff are of utmost importance. We will closely monitor how our guests adhere to the hygiene
and social distancing measures in the Parks and operate accordingly. As of now, Bengaluru Park entry is capped at 6,000 people, while in Kochi
and Hyderabad Parks, it’s restricted to 4,000 people.
How will I book a ticket? Why do I need to book online?
We are requesting all guests to pre-book their tickets online to get Park entry. As per the Government Guidelines, we are exercising
caution and restricting the number of guests for each Park to ensure a smooth experience while maintaining adequate physical distance at all times.
Will you make people wear face masks?
While most of our rides will be open and functional, a few rides and indoor attractions may remain closed owing to physical distancing
guidelines. We are also limiting the seating capacity on the rides to maintain physical distance. Floor markings will be placed in the queue areas to
ensure physical distance and hand sanitisers will be placed for guests tosanitise their hands before and after the ride.
Why are we taking temperature checks?
To keep the Park premises safe for everyone, all employees and guests are asked to get a temperature check done using a non-invasive
thermometer. Anyone displaying a temperature above 37°C will not be allowed to enter.
What happens if fever detected before the entry?
Those showing temperatures above 37°C will not be permitted entry to the Park. Additionally, anyone who travelled in the same vehicle as
that guest will also de denied entry. Guest can make use of the Isolation Room, set up solely for the purpose of isolating any person suspected of or having
COVID-19 symptoms, till the time transportation to a hospital is arranged.
Will Fastrack tickets will be available?
Keeping in line with physical distancing measures, Fastrack tickets will be available to avoid crowding and long queues.
Will restaurants be open?
Yes, most of our restaurants will be open. We have implemented new operational procedures including physical distancing measures,
frequent cleaning and food safety training. All our guest-facing employees will wear face masks. We will only be accepting EZ pay/ Card payments/
UPI for contactless transactions and have installed hygiene screens at our service counters and food stalls to keeps our guests and employees separate.
What cleaning measures are you putting in place?
Before opening and after closing, the entire Park will be rigorously cleaned and disinfected with strong disinfectants. We are placing
hand sanitisers across the park. Frequently touched objects and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
We are following the safety guidelines outlined by the MoHFW and encourage our guests to do the same.
Do I need to bring my own hand sanitizer?
You can bring your own hand sanitiser. In addition, we are providing alcohol-based hand sanitisers across the Park. Hand sanitisers
will also be available in our shops for purchase.
There are a lot of new changes, why so many?
We are committed to making our time together as safe as we can. For all of our safety and well-being, we have adopted a variety of
operating procedures in accordance with the MoHFW guidelines and state recommendations to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. These new
health and safety measures will make your visit to Wonderla safe.

Our intent is to create a great experience for you and your family while being responsible and help reduce the exposure to COVID-19. The Reservation System will allow us to manage the physical distancing requirements in the Parks by limiting entry to set attendance levels.

Disclaimer: Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk at any public location