Press Release

YearDownload Press Note
16-05-2024Q4 2023-24 Press Release
08-02-2024Q3 2023-24 Press Release
08-11-2023Q2 2023-24 Press Release
11-08-2023Q1 2023-24 Press Release
24-05-2023Q4 2022-23 Press Release
07-02-2023Q3 2022-23 Press Release
09-11-2022Q2 2022-23 Press Release
11-08-2022Q1 2022-23 Press Release
26-05-2022Q4 2021-22 Press Release
10-02-2022Q3 FY22 Results
20-07-2021Wonderla Hyderabad Reopening
02-07-2021Wonderla Resort, Bengaluru Reopening
22-04-2021Wonderla Kochi & Hyderabad Closure
21-04-2021Wonderla Bengaluru Closure
18-04-2021Wonderla Park Closure Due to the Second Wave
06-04-2021Wonderla Bengaluru Closes Water Rides
02-02-2021Q3 FY21 Results
18-01-2021COVID Safe Certificate
04-01-2021Hyderabad Park Opening
23-12-2020Wonderla Theme Park
16-12-2020Bengaluru Park License
15-12-2020Kochi Park Opening
13-12-2020Bengaluru Park Operations
11-12-2020Wonderla Kochi COVID Warriors
17-11-2020Bengaluru Park Opening
29-10-2020Wonderla Bengaluru Opening
22-09-2020Wonder Kitchen Hyderabad
05-10-2020Wonder Garden Kochi
17-06-2020Wonder Kitchen Inauguration
08-08-2020Q1 FY Result 2020-21
28-01-2020Q3 FY Result 2019-20
30-09-2020Q2 FY Result 2019-20
08-08-2019Q1 FY Result 2019-20
15-05-2019  Q4 FY Result 2018-19
26-05-2018Q4 FY Result 2017-18
31-12-2017Q3 FY Result 2017-18
15-11-2017Q2 FY Result 2017-18
24-05-2017Q4 FY Result 2016-17
09-08-201715th Annual Meeting 2016-17
31-12-2016Q3 FY Result 2016-17
20-09-2016Hyderabad Going Green
2016-17Q1 FY Result 2016-17
04-04-2016Ride Inauguration Wonderla Bengaluru
22-03-2016New in Hyderabad

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