Kids Rides at Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi

The Wonderla Amusement Park is a special treat for the children. Our kids rides are gentle yet fun-filled and are sure to bring laughter on to the faces of the young ones.

Kids Rides - Convoy at  Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

The convoy consists of bikes, cars and jeeps that go rollicking over a hilly terrain with tiny tots as its passengers.

Wonderla Amusement Parks & Resort  FLYING JUMBO

The Flying Ammu is a merry-go-round ride for kids, in which they are seated atop elephants while being spun round in circles.

Kids Rides - Happy Kangaroo at  Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

The Happy Kangaroo takes children - safely harnessed to their seats - to a height of 5.5 meters and then plummets down, giving them the experience of a free fall.

Kids Rides - Jumping Horses at  Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

Be a rodeo and go galloping in circles on colourful horses. The ride is brilliantly illuminated after dark.

Kids Rides - Castle Jet at  Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

The Castle Jet that takes kids soaring up and down and round and round with fairy tale characters like Aladdin and the genie amongst others.

Kids Rides - Kiddies Wheels at  Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

Kiddies Wheel is a miniature giant wheel with colourful cradle-like gondolas specially designed for little kids.

Kids Rides - Pirate Ship at  Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

The Pirate Ship is a miniature version of the Flying Boat in which toddlers can be safely harnessed while the boat swings up and down.

Kids Rides - Magic Plane at  Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

Magic plane is a family ride that is a sure hit with all ages. The ride features six colourful, hang glider themed vehicles with bicycle pedals.

Wonderla Amusement Parks & Resort  JUMPING FROG

Get into this fun ride where you mount a frog and go along a bumpy ride. Lot of fun filled moments in store for you.

Ponytrain - Copy

Pony Train is a fun and exciting kids ride themed like a train, where 8 horses pull a chariot.