Water Rides at Wonderla Amusement Park, Kochi

Wonderla brings you the biggest variety of water rides that are filled with water and lots of fun!! From watery coasters to fun pools to beach like wave pools to a rain disco where you can dance away in the rain to a lazy river to float, you can splash around, as much as you want.

Fusion Slide

Enjoy a fun ride, sliding through a wormhole with multi-colored light effects on our Fusion Slide at Kochi Park.

Wavepool 1

Enjoy all the fun you'd have on a beach without the fear of being carried away by the waves. There are shallow areas for the little ones as well as deeper areas for the dare devils.

Family Slide 2

This is a watery slide where you are seated in a rubber raft as you glide along slippery loops till you end up in a shallow pool. Rafts can accommodate three or people.

Rapid River 1

Wade through the water or drift along in a raft through inter connected 10 pools and enjoy the five headed hydra spewing water on you. This ride is thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages.

Boomerang 1

Boomerang is a thrilling water ride that will test rider's nerves as the float moves into a closed tunnel for a while and suddenly drops from a height into a large boomerang shaped water slide resulting in a repeated to and fro motion.

Water Rides - Water Coaster at Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

Two Water Coaster slides, which have no loops to slow you down.

Wavy Vertical Fall 1

On Wavy & Vertical Fall you glide down straight from the height of a six storey building and finally come to a slow and easy halt.

Play Pool 3

Equipped with sprayers and sprinklers that douse you with water from all directions, these three pools are an endless source of fun for the whole family.

Water Rides - Snake Sliders at Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

Snake Slides are water slides in which riders on rubber mats make their way down, negotiating curves and loops on the way, to finally come to a slow and easy halt.

Fun Glides 1

Fun Glides are 8 water slides in which riders on rubber mats make their way down, negotiating bumps on the way, to finally come to a slow and easy halt.

Water Falls 1

Enjoy with family the water falls, where dazzling water lushes through the steep rocks.

Rain disco 2

As the name suggests, Rain Disco is all about getting wet 'n' absolutely wild. It is a specially created indoor dance floor that gives you a multi-sensorial experience.

Water Pendulum 2

The Water Pendulum is a unique water slide where riders glide up and down in a large U shaped slide like a pendulum before coming to a gradual halt.

bullet qi0gqo

Dive like a swan, go like a Bullet. Ride through the loops, and race across the finish line in this thrilling water ride.