Wonderla Bengaluru


People suspended upside down while seated
Rows of seated people being shifted to the right as the platform tilts
People seated in rows being tiltedto the left
People enjoying as theyre moved at high speeds

Very High

Minimum Height
140 cm

Ride Not For
Pregnant Women, heart patients, persons with high blood pressure and those prone to epilepsy are advised to avoid fast/adventurous rides.
Maverick, like the name suggests, is a ride that doesn’t go by the rules. It turns, twists, tilts, and swivels. Defy the rules of motion and momentum on this 21-seater raft hinged to an independently acting vertical column at either end. When you are on it you’ll scream for it to stop, but after you are done with it, you’ll want to do it again. Safety harnesses hold you securely in place while the machine goes through its unpredictable cycle.