Kochi Park

Land Rides at Wonderla Amusement Park, Kochi

The land rides at Wonderla comprise state-of-the-art land rides. The land rides at Wonderla comprise state-of-the-art and packed with lots of fun and adventures. There is something for everyone here!
VR Coaster

VR Coaster (New)

Experience the adrenaline rush with our VR Coaster at Kochi Park. 

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Net Walk

Net Walk (New)

Experience a thrilling adventure walk through a treacherous nylon net of 20 meters scaling a height of 7 meters at Kochi Park.

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Dry Rides - XD Max at Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

Adventures of Chikku

Experience the Adventures of Chikku, a state-of-the-art ride that combines a 3D film with physical and environmental effects, in an air-conditioned theatre.

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WonderlaCoc day19792

Caterpillar Coaster

Hop on board the Caterpillar coaster and chug along with the termite country. Manoeuvre deft turns and up hills.

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Wonderla COC Day1-4553

Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade is a family ride where brave future firefighters take aim with their water canons to extinguish the fire raging through the ride's centrepiece building.

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Wonderla COC Day1-4601

Rockin' Tug

The entire family can set sail for adventure on this innovative ride. Combining a unique mix of rocking and whirling motions, the Rockin' Tug can accommodate up to 24 riders.

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Dry Rides - Balarama Cave at Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

Balarama Cave

Balarama Cave takes you inside a dark, eerie cave of wizards, witches, skeletons and evil spirits. The ride provides an out of the world experience where you see creatures of the night whiz past you!

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Dashing Cars I & II

Your own formula-one circuit. Dash and whack into each other. Sheer driving fun for all ages.

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Dancing Cars

Have you ever danced in a car? Small cars dancing on a life-sized platform in tune to the foot-tapping music. Come join the party!

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Sky Wheel

On the top of the Vintage castle, you will find the Sky Wheel. Hop on for a ride that'll make you feel on the top of the world.

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Flying Boat

Start rowing in a boat that flies. The boat goes to and fro making you as light as thin air.

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Wonderla cochin0256

Wind Mill

Wind Mill is a massive family ride themed like a horse-wagon. It is an insanely oscillating wagon that swings in every possible direction.

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Dry Rides - Cine Magic at Wonderla Kochi Amusement Park

Cinemagic Ride

Cine Magic offers a thrilling ride for people of all ages. It combines HD video with sound and hydraulic assisted seats that swing and sway in perfect sync with the scenes projected on the screen.

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Kochi wonder splash

Wonder Splash

Hop onto a log raft and inch your way on a conveyor track into a cave filled with mystery and then drop down at dizzying speed into the crystal clear shallow pool making a glorious splash that will drench all the riders. This ride is an absolute must for every visitor.

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