TRRAIN Awards 2019

Customer Service Excellence Award Winner 2019

Jatavath Ravinder - Wonderla Park Security Guard

 Investigator in the Making  
A young married lady, Mrs Shivaranjani lost her gold chain in one of the rides at a very busy time in Wonderla. Since the gold chain was a gift from her father it held sentimental value and she was obviously very upset by the loss. A complaint was lodged with the lost & found at the park and the nearest police station.

When the police approached the management, they were shown the CCTV footage under the assistance of the security association, Ravinder. After the police personnel looked through the tapes continuously for three days and failed to spot anything, Ravinder decided to give it a go instead.

Ravinder arrived earlier for his shift and checked the footage. He found that a lady guest had picked up a chain from one of the rides and given it to another guest. He also noticed that the guest was carrying a red handbag and tracked her down by looking at various footages, based on the locker where she had kept the bag. He spent more than his duty hours in figuring this out and handed the details of the family who had the locker he spotted, to the police. The gold chain was recovered and then handed over to its rightful owner. The circle inspector was very impressed by Ravinder’s way of connecting the dots and figuring things out.

Being Human Category Award Winner 2019

 A Hero Without a Cape  
On a perfect summer day while the park was filled with happy families and team Wonderla was busy making sure things worked smoothly, Raju K, a Wonderla associate, noticed something unusual. It was at Tower 3, which is the loading area at the top of a ride just before the slides begin, that he noticed a young girl in her late teens, who seemed to be having an argument with her family and hence started isolating herself. Sometime later he noticed her walking away towards the side of the tower which actually stands at about 26 feet.

Raju instantly noticed that the girl looked visibly upset, unhappy and lost in her own world. He started following her actions just to make sure she was safe when he saw her gradually inching closer to the edge. He immediately ran towards her and lunged forward to stop her from taking that fatal step and ultimately saved her life by albeit going out of his way. We often ignore these small signs that people around us show at a time of despair but sometimes observing people around us can lead us to save their lives, save them from themselves. Raju K not only saved a life but saved a family who will be ever grateful to him and his swift human instincts.

Raju K - Wonderla Staff

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