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Abijit Wonderla Wonder Story

Angel of Thrills 

This was on 6th December, a guest from Punjab visited Wonderla Bengaluru on his wheelchair. Abijit Devan, our Guest Relation Associate approached to assist the guest. He figured while conversing with the guest that experiencing some of the High Thrill ride was on the guest’s wish list and purpose of visit to Wonderla Bengaluru. Guest visited Wonderla especially to experience Recoil and Drop Zone ride.

Abijit personally took the initiative to fulfill the wishes of the guest and decided to take the guest around the park. He gave a quick tour of the park and assisted him in taking all the rides which was on his wish list. The guest enjoyed not only Recoil and Drop zone, but Abijit also helped him experience the ultimate thrill ride ‘Equinox’. The guest was thrilled with the ride experience but was more thrilled with the excellent service provided by Abijit.

This gesture really made the guest happy and most importantly Abijit’s determination and effort to understand and fulfill the guest needs impressed him so much. The guest thanked Abijit for his assistance and for being his angel who fulfilled one of the wish from his bucket list.

Guard of the Ring 

On Sunday 8th December, the Park was filled with more than 3500 guests. One among the guest was Mrs. Archana who was accompanied by her friends & family. She came to Wave Pool-A at 2:40 pm. While she was enjoying the waves, in middle of the show, she realized that her gold ring was missing. Our Life Guard, Shiva who was deployed at Wave Pool-A, noticed the guest worriedly searching for something. He inquired and got to know about the missing ring. While having conversation with the guest, Shiva realized how precious the ring was to her. He assured the guest that he will make all efforts to find the gold ring. Shiva informed the concerned supervisor about the situation.

When the show completed, Shiva dived into the pool in search of gold ring. After rigorous search of 20 minutes he was successful in finding the gold ring. After completing the lost and found procedure, the guest collected the gold ring. It was not only the monetary value of the gold ring that she was worried about, but more about the sentiments that she had with it, that had been close to her heart. Mrs. Archana appreciated Shiva for his timely action in helping recover the lost ring.

Shivakumar Wonderla Wonder Story

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