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Our amusement park is a large hands-on science laboratory - full of acceleration, force, rotation, free falling bodies, etc. It gives us a unique opportunity to explain and demonstrate science to children while having fun. 

Visit Wonderlab for a Science day @ Wonderlab with your students and let them experience the science concepts that you have taught them at school. 

At Wonderlab, we will take students through carefully selected rides, which are relevant, and easily demonstrate the concepts of science involved in the ride. We believe this will promote a deeper understanding of science concepts taught in the classroom, thus reinforcing the learning of the student. 

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The concepts that are being demonstrated in Wonderlab are about Motion and Forces. The student will come back with greater appreciation of Newton's laws of motion and various types of motion and forces. 


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Students who have completed Science Day at Wonderlab can participate in this quiz and win exciting prizes!

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