Facilities at Wonderla Amusement Park, Bengaluru

Yellow and blue lockers

Lockers & Changing Rooms

To safely store personal belongings and change into park-friendly clothes

Water tap

Drinking Water

Free RO purified drinking water near prominent attractions

First aid

First Aid

Excellent first aid facility in case of emergencies

ATM Counter

ATM Counter

Cash Dispensing Machines available at park entrance

Car parking area


Free guest parking space

Cloak Room 2

Cloak Room

For your heavy baggage storage. Please contact guest relations or entry personnel for assistance. (Charges apply)

Wonderla Wheelchairs

Wheelchair / Pram

Limited wheelchairs and prams are available. Please contact guest relations staff for assistance.

Restroom and dormitory building


Safe, convenient and affordable overnight lodging for students on school excursions. Contact for details.

executive suite 3 wonderla resorts Bengaluru


Luxury resort in the park premises to extend the fun Wonderla experience!

Lost Found

Lost & Found

We have a lost and found counter in the park. Please contact our staff for assistance.

Prayer Room

Prayer Room

Prayer room facility is available. Check with guest relations staff for assistance.

Student briefing at Wonderla

Student Briefing

Student groups from schools are well briefed by our park staff before entry.

Baby Feeding Room lr8mn3

Baby Nursing Room

Convenient baby nursing rooms are available. Check with guest relations staff for assistance.

Baby Feeding Room


EZ Pay at Wonderla

EZ Pay

EZ Pay, like the name suggests, is an e-wallet that lets you replace your actual wallet with a wristband. Fill it with money as required, and use it anywhere inside our park. Keep your wallet safe and pay with rechargeable EZ Pay Bands at Wonderla!

Here's what you need to do to start using the EZ Pay facility in the park -
1. Go to the ticket or locker counters
2. Ask for the EZ Pay band, pay the security deposit and then add money as needed on the watch by paying at the counter
3. Flash the band at any counter inside the park to buy food, garments, souvenirs, etc.

When it's time for you to leave, you get a refund of your unused money. The EZ Pay wristband makes moving around the park hassle-free. You need not worry about carrying a wallet around, just use EZ Pay for all services inside the park.

Note: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on the premises and there is no pet sitter facility.

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