Food & Beverages for a Filling Day!

Hunger pangs after a day of endless fun and relentless activities? Worry not, because Wonderla has a world of culinary treats that you could wish for! We've got amazing restaurants that serve everything from continental dishes to international favourites, including desserts of all kinds and smoothies and shakes to beat the heat. The thoughtfully-curated All Day Meal plan also means that you can just opt-in and forget about the rest. When you feel like it, you can just visit the restaurant and you will be served piping hot breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner within minutes!

Chicken Biryani at Wonderla

The restaurants at Wonderla is a haven for foodies. You have veg, non-veg, quick bites, oriental, international and Indian cuisines to choose from, and a whole array of hot and cold beverages to pair them with.

All Day Meal Thumbnail

With our All Day Meal plans, you can go all out and have fun with no limits! You can choose from a breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner menu that complements your plans for the day. It's all-out fun with our All Day Menu!

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