Wonderla Hyderabad Rainbow Loooop 2

Rainbow Loooops


Minimum Height
120 cm

Maximum Weight
120 kg

Rainbow Loooops is an incredible new water ride at Wonderla Hyderabad Park, taking visitors on a thrilling journey down a towering slide. This Tube slide starts way up high, 45 feet above the ground, and then slides down a long tube that's 112 feet long and 3 feet dia. It’s so cool because the sunlight shines through, making it feel like you're in a rainbow. After that, get to race down even faster on one of six lanes that are each 105 feet long. It's like a thrilling competition. And finally, zoom down a steep slide for 100 feet, and it's super exciting. Rainbow Loooops is all about fun, excitement, and adventure. It's a ride you won't forget.