Long Weekend Calendar

Are you ready to break free from the daily grind and embark on an exciting outing or trip? Long weekends are the perfect opportunity to explore new destinations, unwind, and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. 🌟

Long Weekend Calendar

Plan your trips in advance with our Long Weekend Calendar for the year ahead. Below is a table of long weekends in 2023:
Long WeekendHolidays
16th to 18th September 202318th September, Monday, Ganesha Chaturthi
28th September to 2nd October 202328th September, Thursday, Eid Milad
Call in sick 😉 on 29th September, Friday
2nd October, Monday, Gandhi Jayanthi
21st to 24th October 202323rd October, Monday, Ayudha Pooje
24th October, Tuesday, Dasara
23rd to 25th December 202325th December, Monday, Christmas

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