Safety of Visitors

The safety and hygiene of visitors are of prime importance to us at Wonderla. Stringent adherence to international safety norms at Wonderla provides an absolutely safe environment for you and your family. Our safety regiment includes:

  • Daily safety check on rides
  • Safety harness for rides
  • Attendants with 2-way radio all over the park
  • Lifeguards/Security on duty at rides
  • Lightning arrester to protect against lightning hazards
  • Fire extinguishers at every nook and corner of the park
  • CCTV surveillance throughout the park
  • Public address system to flash emergency warning if needed
  • Fully Equipped first aid facility with professional nurses.
  • Alcoholic drinks are not permitted inside the park. Intoxicated persons are not allowed to enter the park.
  • All persons, bags, luggage and parcels and any other items is subject to security check at the point of entry to the park and at such other locations inside the park as we consider appropriate.
  • Proper clothes must be worn all the times while visiting the park.
  • Dress like Sarees, Dupatta, Formal Pants, Shirts, Jeans, Burkha/Pardhas, Denim (Jeans, Three fourth Jeans) School Uniforms & Indecent attires are not allowed in Water Rides / Pools.
  • Since many rides inside the park are adventurous in nature, guests are advised to follow safety instructions of lifeguards, ride operators and displayed instructions near rides for safe riding. Management will not be responsible for any injury/accident due to negligence of guests.
  • Pools are shallow. Do not dive into pools.
  • Pregnant Women, heart patients, persons with high blood pressure and those prone to epilepsy are advised to avoid fast/adventurous rides.
  • Parents are advised to pay special attention to their Children. Children should be accompanied by adults.
  • There are certain height restrictions in some rides. Children below stipulated height are not permitted in those rides.

General Tips

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Don't wear a scarf/ shawl while going for a ride.
  • Parents are advised to pay special attention to the children. Children should be accompanied by adults at all times.

Water Quality

When it comes to water, Wonderla is the only park in India to use Reverse Osmosis Treatment Technology for treating water in pools. The park has a fully fledged water quality control laboratory which carries out rigorous tests on a regular basis.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy