The happiest place in God's Own Country!

Left or right, wherever you look, you can hear giggles, screams of joy and shouts of excitement! Wonderla Kochi is 30 acres of pure, fun-filled joyrides and adventure. With 50+ exhilarating rides that will leave you wanting for more, this is, without a doubt, the happiest place in Kerala!

A day well spent!

Are you a slow starter or do you head straight in for the hardest, coolest and most thrilling of rides? Choose your dose of fun and get started, for an unforgettable day lies ahead! That's right, the sky is the limit at Wonderla Kochi and the amusement is ceaseless!

Fly without wings, scream without fear, your search for thrill ends right here!

Wonderous tips to make your journey smooth!

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Buy/upgrade to a Fastrack ticket to skip the long queues and get to the rides faster.

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Keep your wallet safe and pay with rechargeable EZ Pay at Wonderla.

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Keep your possessions and valuables safe in lockers, so you can enjoy rides without worrying.

We offer a wide range of facilities at our water park in Kochi.

Fantastic eats at Wonderla Kochi!

Ice cream






Rice with paneer






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Simple do’s for a smooth ride!

  • Plan and book tickets online to save time.
  • Dress comfortably and wear suitable footwear.
  • Arrive early to make the most of your time.
  • Prioritize safety by following park guidelines.
  • Pack essentials like sunscreen for sun protection.
  • Use locker and changing room facilities for convenience.

Dress down for the optimal experience!

To ensure that the water used in our various water rides is clean and hygienic, we enforce a strict dress code.

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Here's what visitors have to say...

Fastrack Ticket

Yuvasri V

Mar 2023

Nice experience. enjoy lot with my friends .really I like the water gaming must play all the water gaming it really amazing and fun overload .

Fastrack Ticket

H. Lakshmi Krishna

Mar 2023

There rides for children and adults making it very fun for both like extreme rides and then slow rides. Very fun memories from here .. 🤗

Fastrack Ticket

Amit Ranjan

Mar 2023

Absolute beauty and stress buster place. A must visit with your family and friends and for kids its place like no other

Fastrack Ticket

Arjun Kondotty

Mar 2023

Good amusement park to have entertainment with friends, family , etc. Provide good quality service, has vast area for parking , polite and friendly staff 👍

Fastrack Ticket

Perfectly Imperfect

Mar 2023

Simple superb I could experience all rides but all I did were breath taking. To completely take all the rides you can prefer fast track ☺️

Fastrack Ticket new nkolsf


July 2023

Nice place for entertainment, also good for families....., There are so many rides for all kind of age groups. Both the land and water rides are fantastic.

Fastrack Ticket new nkolsf


July 2023

Wonderla is a wonderful experience and one of the best Amusement Parks visited. There are many water rides, kids friendly rides and trilling rides available.

Fastrack Ticket new nkolsf


July 2023

A good place to enjoy some memorable times with friends. Book tickets in advance for best offers.

Fastrack Ticket new nkolsf


July 2023

The experience was thrilling...This is a place worth going...The rides here are amazing... Especially all the water rides... The toddlers have separate rides.. For the people who have fear for the rides I don't suggest it for them... I would suggest you to go on weekdays if possible coz on weekends the crowd is too much.... Place is worth every penny..

Fastrack Ticket new nkolsf


July 2023

One of the best Amusement parks in Kerala. The rides are so amazing and thriller. The food is also good.. Totally a must go place in holidays. But I suggest the weekdays.

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