Water Rides at Wonderla Amusement Park In Bangalore

Wonderla brings you the biggest variety of water rides. From watery coasters to fun pools to beach like wave pools to rain disco. Only Reverse Osmosis treated water is used in the pools, which is solar heated during winters. What are you waiting for? Take a splash and just chill! 

Drop Loop 3

A high speed and high thrill water ride, where riders are dropped from a height of 12 meters to a near vertical slide and into an inclined loop.

Jungle Lagoon 1

Jungle Lagoon - Its an an exhilarating and fun jungle-themed family water attraction.

Lazy River 3

If all you want is to wallow in the waters and relax, get yourself a float and drift along the meandering Lazy River.

Boomerang 2

Boomerang is a thrilling water ride with a float that moves into a closed tunnel and then suddenly drops from a height into a large boomerang-shaped water slide resulting in a repeated to and fro motion.

Harakiri 1

This water slide takes you down, levels off at mid-way, and then takes you down again. After you have reached the bottom it carries you up with the force of your momentum till as far as you'll go.

Fun Racers 1

Fun Racers are water slides where you slither down lying prostrate on rubber mats. The downward slide is interspaced with level portions for a wonderful experience.

Uphill Racers 1

Uphill Racers are similar to Fun Racers except that instead of level spaces these rides have ups and downs.

Banded Kraits 2

Banded Kraits are water slides in which you sit on rubber rafts and make your way down, negotiating curves and loops on the way, to end up splurging in a shallow pool.

Twisters 1

Twisters are a set of three water slides with tube-like structures that take you through a series of loops to finally disgorge you into a shallow pool of water.

Rain Disco 2

As the name suggests, Rain Disco is all about getting wet 'n' absolutely wild.

Wavepool 4

If a beach is what Bangalore lacked, Wonderla offers you two, complete with artificial waves and even a lighthouse.

Play Pools 3

If wave pools don't catch your fancy, there's the play pool in which people of all ages can splurge and frolic.

Wavy and Vertical Fall 1

The Wavy and Vertical Falls are water slides similar to Twisters except that there are no loops to slow you down. The ride starts from the height of a six storey building, and before you know it you are already in the pool.

Korneto 1

Take a ride in our newest addition - Korneto and experience a newfound love for thrilling water rides!