Air Race Image (2)

Introducing Air Race a thrilling aerobatic flight simulation


Minimum Height
140 cm

Ride Not For
Pregnant Women, heart patients, persons with high blood pressure and those prone to epilepsy are advised to avoid fast/adventurous rides.

The Air Race ride at Wonderla Kochi offers an exhilarating experience, simulating acrobatic airplane flights with thrilling maneuvers like banks, loops, and dives. With six four-seater planes accommodating up to 24 riders, it combines central ride rotation with motor-driven arm rotation, reaching heights of 8m and accelerations of 3G. Safety measures include a 21-meter safety envelope, PLC control, and interlocks.

Beyond its exciting ride, Air Race captivates with its impressive visual spectacle, drawing attention from far and wide. The independent movement of each arm and the grand scale of the structure promise to attract both thrill-seekers and those mesmerized by its speed and motion.