DECYBƎL - EDM Night at Wonderla Bengaluru

DECYBEL EDM Night at Wonderla Bengaluru

The DECYBƎL EDM Night at Wonderla Bengaluru on March 25th, 2023, was an unforgettable event for EDM enthusiasts in the city. The night was filled with pulsating beats, electrifying performances, and a high-energy crowd that couldn't get enough of the music. The event featured some of the biggest names in dance music in India and South Asia, including Le Twins, Lost Stories, and others.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly Le Twins, who took the stage with their infectious energy and unique show style. The twin DJs, singers, and composers from Mexico and Latin America put on a show like no other, singing live to their own productions and getting the crowd grooving to their unique blend of music and performance. It was a party that the attendees won't forget anytime soon, filled with the best in artist, music, electronics, and SFX all in one place.