Sunburn Arena at Wonderla Kochi

Sunburn Arena Kochi 2022

The Sunburn Arena Festival, Asia's biggest music festival, came to Kochi and was hosted at Wonderla Kochi for the first time ever on September 11th, 2022. Nucleya, also known as the #BassKing, delivered an electrifying performance, and supporting acts kept the energy level high throughout the night.

The amusement park added an extra element of fun, and people enjoyed the thrilling rides and exciting attractions while dancing to the music. The combination of music and fun made for an unforgettable experience, and as the night came to a close, the crowd left with happy memories and an appreciation for the incredible music that had been performed.

For those who were there, the Sunburn Arena Festival at Wonderla Kochi was a one-of-a-kind experience filled with great music, exciting rides, and an amazing atmosphere. They couldn't wait for the next one.

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