TRRAIN Awards 2018

Retail Service Category Award Winner 2018

Rajesh O - Wonderla Staff

 The Savior  
Rajesh is working in Wonderla as an office boy supporting the staff on a day to day office work indoor & outdoor. It was a Hartal day and Rajesh was stationed at the park reception to attend the morning calls.

While handling reception is not part of his job role, he was deployed as a reliever on that day. He got a call from a guest who had visited the park on the previous day. The lady on the call was Ms Ashely, who had lost her medicine bag which included custom made apparels that were used to treat her back pain.

Rajesh who never had any experience in handling customer calls or complaints decided to take responsibility to help the guest after listening to her concern. Rajesh went about asking the guest about the details.

Ms Ashely told Rajesh that she had forgotten the bag either at the ladies changing room or at the food court. Rajesh collected the guest’s contact number and told her that he would call her back after enquiring about the lost bag from the lost and found section. Rajesh immediately went to the ladies changing room, the food court and even consulted the housekeeping ladies to confirm whether anyone had seen the bag. But no one had any idea about the same. Rajesh went to the lost and found the section and the bag wasn’t there as well.

Rajesh called the guest and informed her that he had not been able to locate the bag. But upon seeing the sadness and worry of Ms Ashley, Rajesh consoled her by saying that he will search the bag once again. Rajesh went and consulted the Joint General Manager Operations and he suggested to search the item in waste bins and lost and found section but Rajesh had already done it. Rajesh suggested about the searching of the item at the waste segregation area.

After seeing Rajesh’s initiatives to find out the lost item, the Joint General Manager Operations made arrangements to search the bag in the waste segregation area. Rajesh came back again the next day morning and continued the search. The medicine bag was found from the waste segregation area.

Rajesh sent the images to the guest for confirmation that it was the same bag. The elated guest appreciated Rajesh for his help and told him that she would be coming to the park after a few weeks to collect the lost item and requested him to keep the bag safe till then. The guest received the lost item only because Rajesh took the initiative to help the guest and did more than what his call of duty.

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